onsdag den 2. februar 2011

Photo Screen

I did it! I finally did it! I went to Copenhagen last week and visited a shop that specializes in paint and dyes for textiles, which are not harmful to the environment or to my health. They also have the technology to make thermofax frames for printing.

So I found a couple of my best nature pictures and prepared it for the thermofax copy with Paint Shop Pro. I made it black and white, then Addet a lot of contrast and light. Finally I printed it on paper - this is what I gave them at the shop, and a day later they sent me two frames. And wow! It looks great!

So today, efter using some time in the last few days to blend colors and binders, I finally did it! I printed on cloth! First I made a background using an watercolor binder. Then I printed the first layer with green and the second, with another motive, in neon pink.

Tomorrow I'll try some other stuff on this surface! A lot of fun is coming up! I can hardly wait!

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