tirsdag den 15. februar 2011

Layers of forest

It's just so exciting to try something new. It's challenging and it pushes you forward. And today was another chapter in my adventure painting cloth!

The motif I chose is very well known to me. Last year I worked with forest as a theme. That was when I used a soldering iron to melt polyester and other synthetic materials. But since the gases released in the burning process are carcinogenic, I decided to drop this technique. I wondered whether or not painting would bring the same transparency and delicacy I achieved with the melting process. But the first result is promissing:

The picture above is the final result. I startede with painting a background on cotton...

..... Then I laid a piece of fine silk organza on top and painted some trees. ...

... Finally I laid another layer of organza and painted some pink pine trees.

Tomorrow I'll try another binder, EXP, which adds texture to the cloth. I'm excited to se what it will do to my pine trees. But I think I'll sew the three layers with nylon thread before I use the EXP binder... Keep tuned! News are coming soon!

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