onsdag den 16. februar 2011

Expanding layers

Now my experiment is getting really interesting. Last night I painted two pieces of cloth with EXP binder. EXP binder is a kind of paint that expands when you gently float iron on the back. It's magic! And you can't control it all the way - so chance's got a chance! :-)

The samples I painted yesterday evening were quite good, except that the cloth shrank quite much. One would probably could strecht it back and sew it, but I wasn't satified. So today I strechted a piece of silk organza over an embroidery frame and when the binder was dry, I ironed carefully not to touch the cloth. And surprise! I managed to achieve the same structure without shrinking my cloth!

Her is how the organza layer looks like with the EXP binder painted and expanded (the white rubber like texture):

In the pictures above you can se the difference it makes to paint with broad and thin brushes... The first retains the feather lightness of the brushstrokes. The latter adds so much binder that the texture of the brushes disapear, leaving instead the binders own texture.

While I waited for the binder to dry, I sew the three layers of forest I made yesterday together. When the binder was dry and expanded with the ironing process, I painted the rubber layer with pastel tones as you can see above. The I cut the pieces I wanted to use and sew them to the forest background. And her is how it looks like:

The EXP binder is quite sensitive, so using the sewing machine damaged a little of the structure. So I stopped and decided to hand quilt it. That would be really nice, I think! I can't wait to start quilting! :-)

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