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Danish gift traditions and my own gift card

In Denmark there's a tradition about gifts. Whenever a birthday or special season near us, people ask each other what they would like to receive as gift. If you're invited to a jubileaum party, a wedding og some other celebration, you'll most certainly receive a list of gifts which the person wishes for.

When I moved to Denmark I felt this was weird. But it's just another example of the logic mentality of the Danes. In Brasil sending a list of gift along with the invitation would be almost offensive - except maybe at weddings. Cultural differences...

But that's not the only thing about the Danish gifts. Many wish for a 'gift card' - or in Danish "gavekort" - usually from a specific shop. For example if I'd like clothes from a nice shop in town called 'Hos Hanne', I'd state that I wish a gift card to 'Hos Hanne'. My friends would then go to the shop and pay ie. 200 kr and get a voucher for the same amount, which is packed as a present. Now if you've got many friends who do that, then you can buy almost a new collection to your wardrobe - at your own choice! Not bad!

I wonder if some other countries also have the same tradition? Or is it just a Scandinavian thing? If you know it, please tell me. :-)

And so it happened that one of my customers told me she was going to her sister in law's birthday and wanted to give her a purse. Her sister in law is a very creative person herself, so one of my hand made purses would be a nice gift.

When we agreed on the price, I went on and made a gift card for her. Of course it shouldn't be just a piece of paper. No, no. As a textile artist I'd rather use some cloth - specially some of it I'd just painted and printed on! :-)

The picture above shows the front side of the card, which is a mini art quilt. I machine qulted and machine embroidered it. On the back I mounted corners where I could attach my business card, the gift voucher and some pictures of other purses I've sewn, so she could have an idea of what I do.

My customer told me later that she was very happy for the present - that is the gift card - the mini art quilt. She also told me that the other guests at the party admired it - good to know!

Since then I've talked to the lady and received information as to what kind of purse, size and colour she desires. I'm really excited about this project! I loved making the mini art quilt and I've already got some ideas for the purse... Don't miss my next entry! :-)

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