torsdag den 3. februar 2011

Explaining Photo Screen

It seems I forgot that most people aren't artists! I realize I've used a very technical language, and that wasn't very reader friendly! Sorry, folks!

Luyckily I've got some good friends who are very curious and asked med a lot of questions about the process. So her i a short explanation... after these pictures:

The first thing is to have a nice black and white photo printed on paper. At they have a machine called Thermofax, which makes a special photocopy of my picture to a transparent piece of cloth, which then is pulled over a frame.

The first picture shows the two frames and one of my paper prints.

Once I have my frame, I put some paint on it, and then I use a flat thing called a squeegee to push the paint over the frame. The paint goes through the motive to the cloth underneath. Then I lift the frame, and voila! Her is a brand new print of my motive!

So when I was talking about printing, it had nothing to do with computer printers, but the simple old fashioned meaning of the word: with paint and my own hand... One might say I'm going backwards on technology... :-) I'd rather say I'm using the best of all technoloogies. I use the computer to prepare my image, but the most vivid artistic expression is much nearer when it's me that's controling the paint... :-)

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