søndag den 25. juli 2010

Working on a series

It's been a real adventure working on my new series. I decided to keep the motive simple and to work in a small size, and to frame my art work. I always ment that art quilts are not meant to be in frames, but when the size is no larger than an A4, it really means a lot to have the peaceful passpartout around it.

I've been pushing my boundaries working with a technique new to me: soldering organzas and other synthetic textiles. And it's payning well off! I was a bit scared in the beginning, because I found out that the gases produced under the process can give cancer. But I found out that using a proper mask, and working outside is the solution.

This new technique is allowing me to work with what I'm in love with: tranparency and layers. It's amasing how colours surprise me when they're overlayed... It allows me to interprete the beautiful landscapes in my surroundings. I live in a forest in Denmark, where the changing light creates awesome atsmospheres.

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