søndag den 25. juli 2010

My new artist identity

Welcome to my blog!

I'm approaching one big mile stone in my life: I'm getting married on October 10th! Love's in the air.... :-)

Along with this big change, I've decided to take another important decision: I chose to use an artist name, so there's a room for my private life and my art. It's a good move both for my new family life and for my art business.

Choosing Tove Pirajá as my artist name was the natural choice. Tove is not only my first name - it's as Scandinavian as it can get. It's an old Nordic name - at least 1000 years old. Tove was not an easy name to have while I grew up in Brazil, where nobody at all would dream it's a girls name. But it has a strenght, which I've always been found of. I was the Dane in Brazil, the girl with the odd name. It might have isolated me in those years, had I not been my mother's daughter... But nobody is more out going than her!

Pirajá is my mother's surname. It's a family name with lots of history, with Indian roots and Brazilian aristocracy glamour... For me it represents all that's Brazilian in me - the 21 years I spent there, my childhood and young years. It binds me to the values I grew up with: faith, love, hope and a universe filled of cultural and geographical diversity. Pirajá reminds me of the energy and power my mom, and most of women in her family possess: a will to live, to make the best out of things and to choose positive attitude to life.

So, yes, Tove Pirajá is the perfect artist name for me, and for my art. And now it's great to share this with all of you! :-)

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