onsdag den 22. september 2010

Pine Tree series for sale

Wedding bells! So exciting and ... so expensive...

So I decided to put my Pine Tree series for sale now. So this is a good chance for you who like something beautiful and unusual to hang on your walls! The five art pieces below are all made by soldering organzas and other synthetic materials with a soldering iron. You can see me working on one of them in the picture above.

Since organza is a shinny textile, and some of them were woven with two colour threads, the art pieces are very lively. You will experience that they change character depending on the angle from which you view it and on the amount of light it receives. So the photos beneath are just one of the many expressions hidden in each art piece. All pictures are framed and should you wish it, there's a matching glass to put in the frame to protect the piece from dust.

"Skovens Juveller I"
In english:
"Jewells of the forest I"

Inspired by the forest in Denmark last winther. Beading provides the gentle snow.

"Skovens Juveller II" :
"Jewells of the forest II"

"Skovens Juveller III" :
"Jewells of the forest III"

"Skovens Juveller IV" :
"Jewells of the forest IV"

"Skovens Juveller VI" :
"Jewells of the forest VI"

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