fredag den 31. august 2012

Where is art? What's become of time?

The first day of September
nine months efter the last post.
What is to remember?
Why are all doors closed?

2012 some thought
would be the end of all years
but it's only stories and fears
in this apocalyptic plot.

But are the stars above
bringing more than we can bear?
Are the tides of times
higher than we expect?

Will we all survive?

All my plans this year have failed. Except the unexpected. You can always count on that! :-)
The journey so far has been of survival, adaptation and recovery. Well, I wish I could say it's over, and I'm starting a fresh page.

But why should it be any different now? Maybe. That's the hope I have yet. Maybe it's getting better.
But it's hard to see it from where I am. Maybe we could shift to a higher perspective, and find there a coherent path.

My soul longs for expression. My body needs more care. My mind is worn and tired. Too many days and nights with worries, uncertainty and mispleasure, have taken the best of me.

I've retired myself from the world now. Hopefully not forever. But for a worthy while. I need some peace and quiet to heal and find my inner strenght again. To find the steering wheel of my feelings. It's probably the best I've done this year.
Aren't the answers always her
hidden behind our foolish fears?
The shouting loud . Inside out.
of our inner norht and south.
When we most need assistance
They're the best to give us guidance:
The inner quiet sounding voices
 - DNA of our choices
For our soul's nature swings
with the almighthy wonder
where  infinite and universal meets
and words are no longer.
There I know not knowing.
There I think not thinking.
There I am, but forgotten..
All is one.
There have been many blessings. There are always blessings, if one can see. So they were also in my life. The troubles themselves may turn out to be a precious gift. At least I hope so.
I don't know much. I have no idea where I'm going to. I have no plans. I try to keep an open mind and to be as thankful as I ever can. And when everything is so unclear, I raise my spirit in prayer. Because there, in Gods hands, life is stil worth it. And nothing really needs to have a meaning. It only is. And that's enought...
As for the art piece above, it's called "Conflicted feelings", and is actually a drawing on paper with crayons. I made it a couple of weeks ago. Wouldn't that be the right picture for this post? It's about using the energy that is present, whatever colour it takes... :-)
Let's hope my next post is filled with other, more artistic content! Enjoy this late summer/ autumm!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Tove. Tak for hyggeligt visit på restauranten i fredags, jeg håber i nød Aalborg. Hvor er du dygtig, og sikke fine farver du bruger i din kunst!
    K. H Josephine :)

  2. Hej, Josephine! Selv tak! Det var så hyggeligt at møde dig på restauranten - vi havde en skøn aften, og vi blev meget glade for Ålborg! Det bliver ikke sidste gang vi var dér! :-)
    Tak også for dine ord om min kunst. Jeg kunne se du også har en blog for dine malerier. Super spændende! Ha' det skønt og vi snakkes!
    Tove :-)