onsdag den 1. december 2010

My sacred inspiration spot

Last week I found my sacred place in the forest behind my garden. The lawn ends up in a wall of bushes and small trees, where birds eat the seeds we spread for them in winter time. I've sometimes wondered what was behind the bushes. In spring time, some of the higher trees were filled with flowers, and later on, with fruits. But that remained an unaccessible place for me until last week.

We've just had some snow, and I'm always thrilled to try and walk there, where my feet sink deep into it. Suddenly I discovered a path with small footprints on it. Certainly a fason. I followed the path and a second later I was in a magical spot: the tree branches and bushes evolved to a net above me, where soft balls and rools og snow lay gently. I looked around and discovered more paths, but since I'm not as short as the animals that use them, I couldn't get further that where my sight could reach.

The light sky, behind the forest on the other side of the stream, filled the room with atmosphere. I felt myself in peace and deeply grateful for being alive. A part of me was awaked and my creativity boomed with ideas...

Since then I've been itching to do something creative, artistic, involving that side of me I reached in my sacred spot in the woods... I'm looking forward to it!

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