onsdag den 30. november 2011

A forest is born

Today was just a good day! The sun shining outside all the time, gave me a lot of light to work with my art quilt which I haven't decided on a title yet, but is about walking in nature, with your dogs and enjoying the freedom there is to it.

So today I 'gave birth' to a forest. Well, it's not finished yet, but it's pretty much on the way. :-) I'm using a new technique this time. Since I printed on the previous layers, I wouldn't want to have to wash the whole work if I used my old method: layering would just continue until I was satisfied, and then I would spread a piece of soluble plastic over the whole thing, stich throu it very tightly with invisible thread and then wash the piece, so the plastic would dissolve.

Today I just changed things a bit. I put a layer of soluble plastic under the first new layers and when I had to stop working, I put another piece of plastic on top. Tomorrow I'll layer on, until the forest is finished. And then I'll be able to stich the layers separetly from the bottom picture itself. Does it make sense for you who is reading? Mmmm. Maybe it's too much nerd talking without images to show! :-)

Anyway her is the forest so far:

I really really love that the printing behind, in the bottom layers, is still visible. I hope they still will be tomorrow, once I've finished the forest. I need some more layers on with the other orange and reddish colours of the autumn.

Her is an overall picture of the whole piece so far... Once I'm finished with the forest on the left, I'll have to do something about the sudden vertical sharp line on the right, I think... And I have to add teksture to the main tree and... yes, many other things.... Just wait and see! :-)

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