onsdag den 24. august 2011

Old glass and chrystal stamping

It's always amazing to go to a second hand shop and go hunting for beautiful aged things. Last month I found several bowls of glass and chrystal and I saw the unique possibility at hand for me: to use them for stamping.

I've always admired the patterns of old glass - specially when today's are so plain and annonimous. The patterns always take me back to my days back in school, where I learnt how to draw less complex geometric motifs. I know it takes a lot of precision and patiente to make such patterns, so I appreciate that somebody long ago took the time and made his/her drawings and later made them into real things.

Last year I started a portrait of my mother, and I played with the idea of using mandalas in the background, as a way to describe her incredible skills in telling stories and creating webs and contact with other people. But then I drove away from the project, because other projects took over...

Looking at the bowl glasses, I finally found the perfect tool to take this project up again. But first, I have make some samples - and that's what I did yesterday.

It was really fun stamping with the bowls. The most successful piece is show in this entry.  The very first is a full view and the other two are details I specially liked.

I'm pretty happy with the first results. I'm looking forward to my next samples! 

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